Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Review: The Canim Meet Tavi

I've read the previous four books and now we come to The Princep's Fury, Book 5 in the Codex Alera by Jim Butcher (his site is And this one, while it isn't my favorite of the five, certainly moves the story along. We get to see a little bit more about the Canim when Tavi heads there with his troops to their land to satisfy a promise he is honor-bound to uphold. Unfortunately, the dreaded Vord are there already and between the threat of the Canim and the Vord's destruction, he has to act decisively to save his new friends. Meanwhile, back in Alera, his family is having trouble helping King Gaius Sextus- Tavi's grandfather. 

As always, Tavi can't do it alone. He needs the help of his girlfriend, and some of his best friends and advisors to get the job done and save what remains of the Canim people.

These books are a great read, a good adventure and I love reading them. I'll have other books that I want to be reading but will always pick up one of this series before others just for the pure entertainment value and escapism of a fun epic fantasy. I suppose if this genre is not your thing then you won't care for it much. Otherwise, great read. Have fun with them. I don't read the Dresden books, though I will say that I was sad when the Television Series, The Dresden Files, was cancelled.

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