Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Grand Old Car, Grand Old Clint

 I went to see Gran Torino with the rents down in Florida back in January because there's something about Mr. Eastwood that appeals to my Dad. I can't imagine what that could be (she says sarcastically). He plays an old fart who is just biding his time in the house he raised his family in- the old fashioned American way. His time in the military serves him well in his battle against the gang-bangers that are taking over his neighborhood. Plus, he's dying so that makes it easy for him to give himself up when he protects the local Asian family teenagers that have moved into his 'hood. Now, I"m not giving anything away here because all this is in the previews. He teaches the teenage boy next door a little bit about what it means to be a man and is there as a father-figure to the teenage daughter. We know he has a heart of gold because his wife (who forces the local Catholic Priest to get him back to the Church) loved him, the kids love him and his dog loves him. 

The movie is exactly what I expected, which I've said before that I like. But it wasn't complicated and the acting, well the Asian kids were great played by Bee Vang  and Ahney Her were good. I don't think if I had it to do over that I would see it in the theater. But that's just me.

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