Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Boys Can Be Dumb

Talk Cinema's first movie this year was all about  Two Lovers , yes the one with Joaquin Phoenix's last movie- and had Gwyneth and Vinessa Shaw, not to mention Phoenix's mother in the movie, the erstwhile Isabella Rossellini. So, the story is this: Leonard, who has suffered from depression and a series of near suicides gets set up with Sandra, the daughter of the couple who is going to buy his parents' dry cleaning business. It is a great match (even he kinds of thinks so) until, that is, he sees and thinks he has a shot with the pretty neighbor who has low self-esteem. He worms his way into Michelle/Gwynie's heart and at the same time keeps Sandra along as a Plan B. Meanwhile his mother, the enabler, is watching with bated breath.

Turns out he settles for Sandra, who is the only girl who actually cares for him. Boys can be dumb. The movie is slow-paced, but the characters are honest. I can imagine almost every other guy I know doing the same thing... angling for the "hot" girl when the one who actually cares about him waits on the sidelines oblivious to his machinations. Good movie. But sad and not great.

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