Friday, May 16, 2008

L-O-S-T, Season 4, Episode 12 (May 15, 2008)

As always let's start with Doc Jensen's EW recap.

We didn't really have a talkback today for this one. JJ is busy, and the rest of us just sort of agreed that it was set up.

Frank mentioned that it had some fun load sentences ("You're one of two people responsible...", "nice speech"/"thanks, i've had a lot of practice", etc). Putting some chess pieces together for the final moves of the season and said his wife busted up laughing and had me rewind to rewatch the scene when Jack, after being told by Sawyer that Hurley is with Ben and Locke, says "Son of a bitch." The delivery was good because (1) we dont usually hear jack say that and (2) he was so excited to finally having things go his way (finding the helicopter, ready to leave) and then to hear that, he got so deflated.

Julie's favorites: "When have you ever been completely truthful" - Locke to Ben after Ben admitting not having been entirely truthful about the Orchid "You're not going to die alone" - Sawyer, chasing after Jack into the jungle to rescue Hurley
LOVED the numbers showing up in Hurley's car...we haven't seen the sneaky numbers in awhile (and did you catch that is was on day 108 that the Oceanic 6 found civilization?)

Also liked how Jack found out about Claire being his sister and the "Holy crap" look he gave Kate.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

L-O-S-T Season 4, Episode 11, (May 8, 2008)

Doc Jensen's spoiler article for the show later starts us off...

And, the Doc Jensen review for today's show is great...

JJ started:

the devil is in the details

this episode was a bit of a jip for me. i liked it, but wanted more CABIN FEVER! i felt we have been waiting all season to get into that cabin again, and when we did, eh. not much going on in there. but....

there were a myriad of very cool things happening otherwise:

the most interesting of these things for me was John Locke being visited by ageless Other, Richard Alpert. that was very cool. there at his birth, there to test him when he's a young child, sending him an invitation to Mittelos Bioscience (where Joooliet went for her interview with Richard last season), and then another visit from Matthew Abaddon when Locke became paralyzed. all of these incidents were telling him he was trying to be someone he was not. that the Man of Faith we have seen since the very beginning is a poser and is supposed to be a Man of Science. or perhaps a Man of Both. i thought this was the most fascinating bit of the episode, coming right after we see another Jack episode who tries constantly to be a Man of Science only, and his life is in total shambles all the time. are Jack and Locke living lives intended for the other? should Locke be a brilliant, resilient, scientist doctor -- not a hunter filled with faith to spare, but just enough to serve the island. and in turn should Jack be a warrior, guided in all his decisions by a higher power. his stubbornness and determination seem well suited for that role. hmmmm.

we see the decline of Benry here, accepting that the island has cast him off as the chosen one. i thought that was the case when Ben got his tumor in season 3 and really thought so when Jack's appendix burst and Rose said what she did about the island healing people, not making them sick. well, apparently is does both! the island does whatever is has to do to get these people to do whatever it wants. but seeing Benry sink into a sullen zombie wondering in the jungle, pining over how he had dreams too once was very Biblical. very King Saul rejected by God for his disobedience and replaced by King David. very Elijah replaced by Elisha. very "this guy lost his way, so now this other guy is going to have to step in." pretty cool. incidentally, if i remember right, King Saul says in the Bible that God no longer visits him anymore and goes to seek a medium to conjure up the spirit of Samuel the prophet to try and get instructions for his life one last time. Samuel tells him King David has replaced him, that God's spirit is now on David's life due to Saul's disobedience and arrogance. sound familiar?

seeing the Freighter descend into chaos was interesting. i am wondering if Sayid gets back to the island to try to shuttle groups of Losties back to the freighter in the finale... he'll get the O'6 back and then Locke will successfully get the island "moved" and he was told to do, thus preventing Sayid from being able to go back for the rest of them. the island will be gone, hidden anew from the world, and then the 6 will have to come up with their lie about the other Losties to spare the hearts of the other loved ones who will never see their survivor again. maybe....

the cabin had me very intrigued. i knew Claire would be there, but didn't like how she was acting all loopy. what's that about? has she had a sense of what's up with the island all along? not likely. but waaaaaaay back in season one when Jack sees his daddy on the island the first time and chases him (White Rabbit), Locke interrupts the pursuit to tell Jack he is meant to be the leader. i think Locke was wrong on this one. i think LOCKE was supposed to be the leader and Jack was supposed to follow daddy to the cabin and start his Man of Faith path. now Claire is on it, and obviously very comfortable with it, to be chillin' on the cabin sofa. Claire went off with white rabbit daddy and seems to have possibly found her purpose. was Jack supposed to do the same? as for Aaron: the "he's where he is supposed to be" line had XinhXan and i talking. i think Aaron is supposed to still be RAISED by Claire, but while the war between the insane mercs and the Losties blows up, he is supposed to be with Sawyer, because Sawyer is living up to all the things Jack is failing at right now: decisiveness, protection, courage, etc. perhaps Aaron will survive only because he has been left with Sawyer... and perhaps Kate and Sawyer and supposed to be together, not Kate and Jack (why Hurley says what he says to Jack in the looney bin from Charlie's message for him). or perhaps Aaron is never meant to leave the island, but the Losties will decide he should go with Sayid on the first boat ride back to the freighter. we shall see...

p.s. -- what are everyone's thoughts on Christian Shepard speaking for Jacob? interesting. and that he identified himself as "Christian," his real name when he was alive. is he resurrected? a vision? a ghost? hmmm.

Friday, May 2, 2008

L-O-S-T Season 4, Episode 10 (May 1, 2008)

Okay kiddies... first thing first... Doc Jensen's EW Article is always a good start.


I'll go first... no one else has seen it or sent emails yet. I think most of them are consumed with the tornadoes in MO last night so the networks didn't show LOST to them... poor kids.

So, I really liked Jack reading little Aaron the bit about Alice in Wonderland... where the world isn't quite right and fantastical things happen. Jack's comment that Kate wasn't related to Claire indicates that he possibly knows that he IS related to his NEPHEW Aaron.

Poor Hurley, he's bat-fucking crazy. "We're all dead." and "Someone is coming to visit you too, Jack" Really nice. Instead of someone coming to visit Jack, his Dad goes to visit Claire.... carrying her off into the night leaving Aaron all alone. Interested to see if Miles actually saw Jack's dad in the middle of night too.

Speaking of Claire... Sawyer IS being awfully big-brothery to her... running into an exploded building screaming CLAIRE! at the top of his lungs and then giving Miles the "restraining order" (my favorite part of the episode). The nice bit of irony is that time and time again we've seen the dreamy hunk Sawyer rise to the occasion of stepping into Jack's absent shoes... as leader, lover to Kate and now big-brother to Claire. Even off the island, Kate still is doing his bidding. The anti-Jack is actually very Jack... without the medical degree.

Hard to imagine that Jack's gone ahead and settled into a cushy boring doctor's life as an oncologist (?) when previously he was a surgeon... if he couldn't get a job in surgery, presumably because of his drug habit, it is hard to imagine his colleagues prescribing pain pills for him.

Lastly, I like Jin the bad-ass... threatening to break fingers... he'll resort to his old ways if it means helping Sun... which is sort of how he got into the enforcer business to begin with. I'm interested to see how that will play out.