Thursday, March 20, 2008

L-O-S-T Season 4, Episode 8

In case anyone missed it from last week, Cyndi included the Washington Post dead pool link.

JJ went first this week with the preview:

hey everyone,

tonight's L O S T should be very exciting... i have noticed the last few weeks that the discussion has tapered off some since the totally awesome Desmond episode. hard to follow that one up really if you think about it. anyway, my office is closed tomorrow for Good Friday, so i wanted to send the email today with everyone's address... that way if tonight's L O S T is super incredible and everyone is dying to talk about it, then we'll already have started it with this one. hope everyone has a great Easter weekend.

Julie followed up:

Tonight’s episode should be pretty impressive…which is good because it is the last new ep until April 24. If you don’t mind a couple of teasers (not spoilers) about tonight’s ep, check out Doc Jensen’s column on Or be sure to check it out tomorrow.


Let's start the comments by first looking at Doc Jensen's recap article for this week on Michael returning.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

L-O-S-T Season 4, Episode 7

Thanks Cyndi for scanning my pic... it was from when I was like 11 or 12 and used the tree to escape to read where my parents wouldn't think I was idle and give me chores or my sibs wouldn't be able to interrupt my reading...

Julia got to the previews first this week:

Here are a couple of fun links from to get you fired up for tonight’s LOST.

First, the usual Doc Jensen preview…no real spoilers (unless you still have no guesses as to who is Ben’s freighter spy…it doesn’t confirm who it is or anything, but provides the usual guess).

Next, a fun article and video about Dominic Monaghan’s photography work.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

L-O-S-T Season 4, Episode 6

If you're interested, check out the AintItCoolNews article, warning it has spoilers. Also, the always good... Doc Jensen Teaser article. Also, courtesy of Cyndi... getting stranded with the men of lost...

More after tonight's episode...

Here's Doc Jensen's weekly recap article...

Frank commented first:

I think, by now, we know who the next few episodes are about, but if you haven't figured it out by now, I just read something about the scheduling of the shows (no spoilers)

Next Week is about -- someone -- should be obvious, but when the strike ended the talk was that this episode would be the last before a small 4 week break. And that the next episode -- about someone else -- would be the beginning of the 2nd half of the season because the episode played better as a finale than a premier.

But now TV Guide is saying that we have 2 more before the break.

Also, TV guide is saying in a new article:

“It’s not really about what year it is in the outside world, it’s about how many years elapsed between the time we’re watching on the island and the flash-forwards,” showrunner Damon Lindelof tells the March 10-16 edition of TV Guide (the one with Sayid and Juliet on the cover). “That’s one of the fun games the audience is playing: ‘Gee, Aaron looks like he’s about 18 months old. What does that mean?’”

and a small (but predictable) spoiler here:
“There are some growth issues when you go on or off the island,” adds showrunner Carlton Cuse.