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L-O-S-T, Season 4, Episode 13- FINALE (May 29, 2008)

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Check this out. It made me laugh out loud, especially at Jin's dialog.


As per the norm with our Lost chats, JJ went first:

the last one of the year. : ( what will we do with ourselves until January? i'll worry about that later... it's time to discuss.

if you haven't watched the finale yet, don't you dare read this!!!

i thought the finale was very good and with the exception of a few obviously crappy reshoots they had to insert, it was pretty intense.

first off, i do NOT think that Jin is dead. my reason: he never got a close up through the entire sequence of the helicopter / freighter / bomb imperilment. L O S T invariably makes a big deal out of it when people die, especially a long established character. the complete lack of focus they put on Jin's possible death leads me to believe he may have lived through the freighter's destruction. I think that the whole group of characters on the helicopter, especially Sun, totally believe he is dead, but i don't believe he is.

that leaves me with doing the math of who is truly left. Daniel Faraday and the group of survivors he was trying to ferry back to the freighter are totally MIA. did they make it back to the island at all? they never made it to the freighter. are they just lost at sea? no clue.
So that means that the only Ocean survivors potentially still alive and on the island are Locke, Sawyer, Claire, and possibly Jin. that's it. not very many at all for the O'6 to go to all that trouble to lie and cover up the location of the island. The rest are all others or people the others have taken. only Kate and Hurley really care about Sawyer, so that means the only one they are really lying for is Claire, since they all hate Locke by this point. i don't think i would have gone along with Jack on this whole need to lie business. i would have challenged him.... but whatever.

sadly, i don't have unlimited time to write this, so i'll touch on some big things and then we'll get on with it:

I loved that Desmond survived and that he and Penny are reunited! yeah!!! i was going to be so pissed is Desmond died in the helicopter crash (which i feared would happen since he was not O'6, but was with them... i figured both he and Lapidus were goners). thank goodness that didn't happen. but he and Penny were brought back together and save the show for me from being a total downer. sweet. I loved the island moving and how that went. very cool. i did kind of predict how the O'6 would see the island vanish and all that stuff, but it was still done in an extremely cool way. so did the island just vomit up Benry in the desert once it moves? wieeeerd.

XinhXan observed that Sun is aligning herself possibly with Widmore as perhaps Sayid was forced to with Benry. and now that Sayid has seen Penny in person and Des and her together, could he ever go through with killing her for Benry if she is truly the top mark on his list? i think Ben will have to do it himself, or perhaps Sayid will take Benry out to free them all from his crazy plans. Benry is such a worm! when he said "so" to the freighter's destruction, i laughed because it was so Benry, but my mind was running down all the Benry lies about how they aren't killers and look at how totally soulless he truly can be / is. sick little weasel. So there could be a Sun / Widmore vs Sayid / Benry conflict in our future. we shall see... will the O'6 then be fractured into camps as the whole of the Ocean survivors were at the beginning of the season? some working with Widmore, some with Ben, some wanting to find the island, some wanting nothing to do with it. it certainly appears that way.

Locke in the coffin: so at some point, the island purges Locke off of itself, too apparently. and Locke is using a phony name and visiting the O'6 telling them they have to go back and that horrible things happened once they left. very curious. how long is Locke off the island and paying these visits? at the end of Season 3, my gut told me it was Locke in the coffin, but i just couldn't believe the Locke would ever leave the island with the rest of them. well, now we know differently. and i am very intrigued by Benry telling Locke that he is sorry for making his life miserable. does Ben mean his WHOLE life? i think he does!

The expanded O'6 press conference in the first part didn't add too much, but they did reveal the three names of the other initial eight survivors in the cover story: Boone, Libby, and Charlie. i thought these were very interesting choices, considering these are three characters that the O'6 were all certain actually did perish as they saw them all die and so did we. three people who the know can't still be alive on the island. but apparently might be off of it. We've seen Charlie and Libby and now know that Hurley enjoys playing chess with Eko. too bad we didn't get to see him again. that would have really been cool...

so one thing i am totally frustrated about: not a single island mystery has been solved. i am starting to doubt the writer's can explain everything to my satisfaction in the two short seasons that remain for the show. will they cheat us X-Files style and half-explain things? i hope not! this season was all Oceanic Six and the only real answer we got was who was in the coffin. let's run 'em down and see if they explain these things by the time the show does end in two years:

1) origins of Dharma and how they found the island and some more explanation on what they were really doing
2) the numbers
3) the smoke monster
4) what is up with all the dead people walking around
5) the whispers
6) what is the island?
7) who the f is Jacob?
8) what the time lag business all about
9) the four-toed statue
10) the Black Rock
11) what face cream does Richard Alpert face use
12) the Dharma shark
13) polars bears in the desert (did that polar bear move the island last time?)
14) Walt is Special
15) Aaron

more? you guys add them....

few quick hits and i'm done: Claire in Kate's off-island dream says don't bring Aaron back. how come? she knows Kate will return or try to. interesting. Christian Shepard says Micheal "can go now." i bet Harold Perrinau is not happy he bothered to come back to the show at all with how they chose to use him this season. i would be pretty irritated. and finally i think Keamy should have lived. he was a really good villain. Xinh and i think he has a sort of Chistopher Walken thing going on.... and nice going with the Others letting Syid and Kate do all their dirty work on the merc squad while they shot from the treeline. creepy sneaky bastards.

alright, what did you guys think?