Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Bride Wars Can Suck It.

So, I went after a workout class to see Bride Wars  with my pal Liz. Kate Hudson and Anne Hathaway, what could be bad about that? It HAS to be good, right?  Even Candice Bergen is there, playing the same role Sigourney Weaver played in Baby Mama.

The funniest parts of this movie were in the trailer and tv ads. I hate that. Getting exactly what you expect and want in a movie are two different things. There was nothing more than what I expected and that is bad. It was a cute story in theory, both girls want to have the beautiful wedding in the same place, but when they're booked on the same day, it means the two best friends go to war. In the end, one realizes the dream is overshadowing the love that is no longer there with her man, while the other realizes she does have true love.

Save your money and watch it on TBS some afternoon when you're hungover and want to slug on the couch.

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