Friday, August 22, 2008

Superior Donuts, an Immaculate Reception

So, I went to see Superior Donuts, at Steppenwolf last night with my friend Dana. Let me just say that the play was great and if you have a chance to go see it anywhere, you should go. Written by Steppenwolf ensemble member, Tracy Letts (also one of my FAVORITES on the Chicago theater scene,) the play told the tale of a small shop on Chicago North Side neighborhood, Uptown. Hippy Arthur P (played by Michael McKean) hires a young black man, Franco Wicks (named not like Generalisimo but instead like Franco Harris of Immaculate Reception, Pittsburgh Steelers fame) to work in the shop with him and their friendship centers the play for the cast of the culturally diverse neighborhood that stops to chat.

I haven't ever really talked about the theater, but let me just say this, Steppenwolf, even when I don't particularly like a play, always does a good job of putting their best foot forward with everything they do. I typically expect a pretty intense experience there, and this is one of the few that had me laughing. Tracy Letts' script is pure gold for Chicago audiences and I truly believe that it would translate for audiences in other areas of the country as well. The cast was excellent. My only criticism was the sad fight scene. But, it was supposed to be sad in a way too, so somehow even that worked. If you can, go see it, thank me later.