Friday, February 29, 2008

Lost Schedule

Per Ausiello:

Episode 6: March 6
Episode 7: March 13
Episode 8: March 20
Episode 9: April 24
Episode 10: May 1
Episode 11: May 8
Episode 12: May 15
Episode 13: May 22 (season finale)

L-O-S-T Season 4, Episode 5

Let's start with Doc Jensen's Article first. And also, if you didn't check it yesterday, check out his teaser article too.

In the meantime, from Frank:

Last year at Comic Con (a comic book convention) the creators of LOST spoke on a panel. They also showed a preview of sorts of Season 4 (the season we're in), but it didn't show any new footage, it was just a new orientation video. I watched it then and didn't think much of it.

But in rewatching it, I think it's a bit more telling as to where(when?) this season is going.

I suggest checking it out, or check it again if you've already seen it:

The Orchid Video on You Tube.

JJ started this week:

L O S T: The Constant

I will tell you...

that was amazing. i love a Desmond episode. a Desmond episode is like three steps above all the rest in my opinion. a lot to say today... i'll delivery my analysis shortly. but let's get talking people. wow. wow. wow.

Friday, February 22, 2008

L-O-S-T, Season 4, Episode 4

Okay, as always, let's start with the Doc Jensen article.

The only thing that I would say is that Doc questions the title of the show and the the eggs too much. I think it is pretty clear. Locke makes eggs for Ben (that starts the show off) and Kate may have an egg fertilized by Sawyer (that would certainly start off a lot of other things). Kate says that no she's not preggers, but what the hell does that mean? These people lie all the time. Would she be so ballsy as to name her kid Aaron after Claire's baby or is that Claire's baby? I think it is also just a way of them giving us what to look for in the future... an "Easter Egg" on the dvd gives you hidden treasure. I just wonder what the hidden treasure are here that I missed?

I spent half the episode wondering whether the kid would be hers or would be Claire's or Sun's even before she brought up, duh duh duh... her son... Also, Jack and Kate post-island? Not sure I like it. Things weren't the same when Sam and Diane hooked up and I don't think post-island, Jack and Kate would be the same either.

As a whole, I was bored by this episode. The trial was lame and I thought that they missed a prime opportunity for Kate to show some of the skills she learned battling The Others (maybe could have shown something that Rousseau taught her on the island and then flashed forward to Kate kicking some girl's arse in the big house?)

Was anyone else expecting Sabrina the Teenage Witch to pop in and heal Kate's mom?

I am curious to see how the Walt/Jacob speaking visions will come into play with Miles... also will be interested if Miles can see Jack's Dad or Hurley's friend Dave in his full bathrobe glory. The possibilities are endless!

As a fun reference, there's a "No Spoilers" Doc Jensen Cuse & Lindeloff interview that is pretty good too...

Friday, February 15, 2008

L-O-S-T Season 4, Episode 3

Let's Start With Doc Jensen's EW Article.

Also, JJ Started Today's discussion:

good morning everyone.

i will not have time to really participate much today, but want to get things started with some questions for everyone to kick around.

Has Sayid always worked for Benry? The master of lies and the master of detecting lies working together is brilliant... how long has it been like this? do all of the O'6 work for Benry or just Sayid. or maybe just Sayid and Kate? hmmm. And I'm sure the "Economist" is the creepy black dude.

What is up with Sayid being so weepy? from not wanting to torture anymore on the island he has become a killer off the island. another worse future for a Lostie post-island. he obviously is not happy with his new life, even though at first it seemed he was (on the golf course - how odd did that look!?!?!)

Why could Sayid not tell that Hurley was lying? to my knowledge this is the first time i can think of that Sayid was not able to detect a person lying. was it merely because it was Hurley and no one would have ever suspected Hurley to do all Benry on anyone?

Really liked the exchange of Locke, Ben, Sawyer, and Hurley at the location of Jacob's shack and Benry saying Locke needs to be told what to do... In season 1, Locke always said, "don't tell me what i can't do!" to everyone. now he has to be told what TO do or he is L O S T. interesting. There was some symbolism going on in this scene that i thought was too obvious, but if you haven't figured it out, i won't spell it out for you....

the time lag that Daniel found was very very interesting. it wasn't much, but if you think about it and do the math, i bet the time lag turns out to be a huge explanation of many things we have been theorizing about. especially Taller Ghost Walt. perhaps that little bit of time discrepancy added up over how many days the Losties have been on the island will pose a huge storyline development on how long they have really been there - creating part of the reason for the cover up!

Was pondering the idea of Sayid working for Benry and what that could mean. What if Michael also works for Benry, as does Sawyer and a few others... and ALL THIS TIME, they have been working for Benry, taking out Losties and "Others" on purpose that Benry knows are a threat or not on a LIST. what if Walt has always been Jacob from the start, his flashback a ruse, and Michael has been one of Benry's men all along, serving Jacob and manipulating the whole group, especially Locke. this could go many, many different ways... it may be nothing at all and i'm totally wrong. we shall see....

Friday, February 8, 2008

L-O-S-T Season 4, Episode 2

Here's Doc Jenson's Article.

Let the Games Begin!

Speaking of games... get your Sawyer Nickname!

Also, a friend let told me about this site:

A new band called Previously On Lost is posting a new song on their MySpace page each week that summarizes the previous show and offers commentary.

Monday, February 4, 2008

L-O-S-T Season 4, Episode 1

well, well, well.

that was very, very good. i think there are many things to comment on.

i have an elaborate theory developing in my mind... but i want to hear
what all of you have to say before i reveal it to everyone... let's