Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Malkovich as Mentalist

Talk Cinema's 2nd Spring 2009 movie this year was  The Great Buck Howard, which starred Colin Hanks (yes Tom's son) as the law school drop out assistant to the Amazing Kreskin-inspired characther Buck Howard, as played by John Malkovich. Hanks is lead astray by the PR girl, Emily Blunt as the romantic interest.

It wasn't a bad movie per say, the acting was okay though I heard more than a few comments about Colin Hank's dad paying for his jobs (he did produce). But I will say that I left it only wanting to know more about Kreskin (his wiki page is here). They used the Kreskin handshake, trick of finding money and apparent sexual ambiguity as fodder for Buck Howard. Not very original.

That's all I've got. Steve Zahn is ridiculous, as always. If nothing else is on, watch it on Starz in two years. 

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