Sunday, July 11, 2010

SHANGHAI June 2010 Trip/ Pics

I posted a couple of days of pictures here, so I thought I'd combine them to make it easier to click back and forth between days. Anyway here's my nice relaxing trip where I got to see/experience a lot of new things and hang out and drink with my amazing friend Angie.She might only occasionally surprise herself, but she continues to surprise me!

(June 14/15) Day 1/2- Travel there and Karaoke with Qin.
(June 16) Day 3- YuYuan Market, Gardens, Pudong
Random Shanghai Observations....

(June 17) Day 4 - World Expo

(June 18) Day 5- French Concession Day
(June 19) Day 6- Cool off/Relax Day- it was our vacation after all!

(June 20) Day 7- Checked out the Bund and head back to the States.