Sunday, July 11, 2010

Shanghai (3E)- Getting Around

Getting Around: 

June 15, 2010

 Around the corner from our hotel was a bar that we never did get to check out- it was often closed!

Motorcycles/Bikes: As a side note, Angie warned me of the motorcyles as we headed out. They were truly unbelievable. You can see this guy texting but it doesn't even begin to show you how crazy these cyclists are. When the light turns red, they go. When the cabs are turning, they cut in front of them. They will knock you over all while yelling at you and still talking on their cells.

The indifference to human life (theirs and others and yours) as they whiz around the city is truly astounding. It is a free-for-all out there folks!

The Expo: "Better City. Better Life" The World Fair/ Expo 2010 is going on in Shanghai right now and the city is ON BOARD and drinking the juice. Everywhere you look, from the smallest restaurants where the wait staff wear pins with the Expo's little Blue Mascot- Haibo on the windows of the every nook and cranny where a display can show something about the Expo on the streets and corners of Shanghai is covered with the message to get people to the Expo


Nooks and Crannies of the city:

Just pretty things are scattered about the city in apparently random format... but I appreciated them nevertheless...

The Chinese apartments I saw from the outside all seemed to have little decks where people would hang their laundry... hard to see here but there were shirts hanging off of many of them.

Light up the roadways! Felt very Speed Racer...

These are some places/things we saw on our last morning on Fuxing Road off of the Bund:

Some guys playing cards?

The old and the new/ the city seems to be growing so rapidly, you'll see these pretty glass buildings next to older not so attractive ones... 

Little bodegas... these were strewn throughout the city, from drinks to Burberry Umbrellas... you could get what you wanted...

Random sticker on the glass of a store... looks like a Chinese Weeble Wobble!

The Sandals and Foot Stockings Trend... was let me say, could be the cutest outfit... and then those stockings... or young or old... I'm not sure where the trend came from... I tried to get a full outfit... but we saw it all over, especially when we went to places not as heavily Westernized. The poor ladies looked like their legs were sausages every time I saw them.