Sunday, July 11, 2010

Shanghai (3A)- Shanghaiese Lunch and a Eurogastric Dinner Our First Day

June 15, 2010:

BAO LUO  (lunch)

On our first day, I slept in and then we made our way to lunch having decided to dive right in and picked a place from one of the Tour books we have called Bao Luo (271 Fumin Lu)... the book says that if you blink you'll miss the place and that's completely true... a closed in front hall way in what appears to be a smaller place opens into a huge space with several floors. Apparently it is known for cheap and classic Shanghaiese dishes. 

So we get there and decide to walk around a bit because it is going to be a 20 minute wait... we got a number like a deli counter... and 45 minutes later we got in....sort of reminded me of  parts of the South... they tell you one time and then you just sort of have to wait and be patient... it will happen eventually.

Translations are always fun.... we're not sure if they were asking for tips or giving friendly advice:

Angie enjoying a Tsingtao beer, (the brewery was founded by German Settlers in China in 1903!) I had a Coke (much more prevalent than Pepsi, though I had that when I could) and a Tsingtao.

Dinner at the House of Blues

I'm just going to skip the day here and tell you about dinner later... so, at the end of the day, we went to a European styled place called Blues and Jazz and had a good dinner and watched some Jazz.. 

These guys were great, Norwegian older guys playing old standards and talking to the crowd in English... the lead singer sounded like Louie Armstrong. Weird. I talked to one of them during the intermission and told him I was from Chicago and he was really excited about it.