Sunday, July 11, 2010

Shanghai (7): The Bund

June 20, 2010:

The last day we took a walk down the Bund, which houses all these old European-styled banks and hotels from when there area was filled with wharves. I wanted to go before we had to go finish packing and head to the Airport. Apparently, the Bund wasn't always such a pleasant flowered walkway...they recently rebuilt and reopened it, in time for the Expo.

From our hotel we walked over this bridge and toward the Bund, which our room overlooked.

A huge boat was docking in the river.

The Pudong Financial District overlooks the Bund (the old financial district). You can see the People's Heroes Memorial from here too.

Fun translations...

The bull here is designed by the same artist who did the Bull on Wall Street.

There's apparently a story about the lions... HSBC Bank, one is roaring to symbolize protection and one is calm to represent security...  these are replicas after the real ones were saved after the war...

Here's the Bund Lighthouse at the Southern end of the Bund. There's a bar/restaurant on top.

The flowers were really nice, and the wall lit up (those discs you see are lights) at night.