Sunday, July 11, 2010

Shanghai (1) - Getting To China

After a taxi came to pick me up and we went and picked up Angie, we got to O'Hare in good time and got on our flight... United Business Class is nice. Though apparently they're making it even nicer... they're converting most of the Business Class seats to first class style but only a small portion of planes have undergone the conversion. The stewards/stewardesses were great! We had a dinner selected by Charlie Trotter even... 

We landed at Pudong Airport  and took a taxi to the Hyatt on the Bund

Our Hotel-

These are taken from the Juice Bar (my morning breakfast for a few of the days we were there) on the ground floor where the spa and gym were located:

From our room, we had a great view of The Bund and if you pressed up against the glass could kind of see over into the Pudong area (or Financial District). It was a great view at night too. Notice how all the boats were all lit up and sport advertisements. Pretty cool.