Sunday, July 11, 2010

Shanghai (5B)- Market and lunch at Thai Restaurant

June 17, 2010:

Next we headed into the Taikang Lu Market, which you get to after taking an entrance from the street into a spiderweb of back alleys that are now all connected. We never would have found it but we ran into a French woman who taught at a local school and she guided us there. Such a sweet woman... she was going back to France the next day after having lived in Shanghai for 14 years.

Tons of cool little shops... down a lot of little narrow alleyways...

There's a story about this good luck cat which you see everywhere, apparently after a shopkeeper kept shooing away a cat, he finally let it stay and the cat would sun himself in the window. So many people stopped in to see the adorable cat in the window, that his business picked up.

We stopped here at Tai Thai for lunch and the girls walked us down the alley and up 4 flights of stairs to the the top of the building, where it was a pretty open well-lit room. But, I will say I was a little nervous when they started walking us up this rickety old staircase... this corner spot was just window dressing to lure diners in.