Saturday, October 4, 2008

Heroes, Season 3 Villains, Episode 3

Julia started this week's discussion:

I am liking this season much better than last already…here are my quick thoughts:

Hiro/Ando/Daphne: not sure if like this one yet, although I did like how the Haitian had a run in with them and they are now on Level 5.

Mama Petrelli: she is SO evil…love it! What do you think, is she really Sylar’s mom?

Matt Parkman: yawn…wake me up when it is over.

Tracy (aka Niki/Jessica): not sure yet…although the idea of a genetically engineered group of clones may be interesting…we’ll see.

Peter: glad he’s finally out of the other villian’s body…what’s up with the future Peter? Not sure yet if I like this future storyline, since we’ve seen it twice before already

Claire: what is she going to be doing now? Chasing after the villains on her own? That’s just silly.

HRG: rocks, as usual

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