Saturday, October 4, 2008

Review: Safety of the World on Her Shoulders-At Least the Sex is Good

I read Any Given Doomsday (The Phoenix Chronicles), by Lori Handeland on the bus on my way to and from work this week. The former cop turned bartender/P.I. is a psychic who is "called" to the crime scene where her foster mother has been murdered. Turns out the cops are looking for Elizabeth Phoenix's ex, Jimmy for the crime. Ruth has passed on her seer abilities to Elizabeth, who now needs to be trained up on leading the world of good against the world of evil that has been raging on the planet since the Nephilim (Fallen Angels not killed by the Great Flood which are all evil monsters bent on destroying humankind) fell from Heaven.

Despite that Lori Handeland clearly dislikes the Cubs... probably a Twins or Brewers fan? whatever... I give this one three of five stars, mostly because I think it is good, but not really good or great. It is a fun read. If you like those Laurell Hamilton vamp books or that genre then you'll like this. The steamy parts are good, the characters are good and interesting for the most part. I'm a sucker for the steamy parts and I think the empath and how she gets her powers is a clever way for the sexy parts to have to be included. There are just some things that don't get me from Point A to Point B and some dialogue I don't like too much. Lines like "Guess I'd just have to kill him and anyone else that gets in my way." doesn't really do it for me.

The characters do have me roped in and I'm curious what the next battle is and how this character grows. So, I'll keep reading unless I get more of the same. I'm guessing that some of the problems I have with this book are tied to the author setting up the world that Elizabeth is walking around in.

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