Monday, October 27, 2008

TV Shows (Oct 12th- 19th)

True Blood: Show is good, but once Sookie has sex with Mr. Compton... it may jump the shark. That's all I'm saying.

Entourage: Eh. The guy dying on the Golf Course to solve all the boys problems is kind of a lame short cut if you ask me.

Terminator, The Sarah Connors Chronicles: Still haven't caught up.

Life: Somehow I have to check to make sure TiVo catches this.

Chuck: Still a Guilty Pleasure.

Heroes, Season 3 Villains, Episode 5: We didn't really discuss this one. JJ was having a baby! YAY!

Fringe- The ex-boyfriend appearing and reappearing? Ugh. But I liked that the Observer came off of the elevator.

Project Runway, Season 5- Okay, so LeAnn wins... I totally thought Korto should have won. I thought her collection was much more diverse than LeAnn's. Though to be fair, Leanne's competing style worked for her. Glad there wasn't as much drama. Kenley? Jerrell would have been MUCH better...those ropes were hidious. Though I do admit the wedding dress still was pretty.

ANTM, Cycle 11: So, Lauren Brie gone... who will step up?

90210: Boring... I have to remember to cancel this from recording when I go in to double check TiVo for Life.

Eli Stone Eli decides to get his anneurism back. I really like the addition of the imaginary therapist and that this time he chose to be the prophet. The unlikely prophet I'm okay with, but the unlikely and unwilling? Seemed out of character for someone who was doing so much to save other people when he had it removed. I like the twist of the smarmy lawyer being with Taylor now and SORT OF being a good guy.

Numb3rs: This show never disappoints. The characters and writing are great.

I watched The Office and FF>> through Earl... Kath and Kim sucked (though I like the Actors) and I did delete that from my lineup. Maybe I'll add 30 Rock into the rotation at least until Reaper comes back. That show is bank. Also getting excited for Joss Whedon's Dollhouse.
. Waiting to see how Legend of the Seeker pans out, too.

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