Tuesday, October 7, 2008

TV Shows (Oct. 5- Oct.11th, 2008)

I forgot to add a couple of shows, I also watch Numbers and Life and Chuck and Reaper when it is on.

True Blood: Town starts to come around when it comes to Bill... can't wait to see what he does to the rednecks who brought the garlic press... I'm sure there is going to be some retribution there. Where is Erik, the Elder? You know he's coming for Sookie.

Entourage: Okay, this was funny, but my favorite park was Lloyd talking Ari down from tripping in the desert. Will Vince get the part? Can't wait to see what finagle they have to do to make that work.

Terminator, The Sarah Connors Chronicles: Still haven't caught up.

Life: Okay, ever since I saw this guy Damian Lewis in Band of Brothers and then in Dreamcatcher, I've liked him as an Actor. In Life, he plays Charlie Crews, who was set up for killing his Cop Partner's family and spent a couple years in the clink (cellmates of a white collar crime accountant played by Adam Arkin). Then he gets out and his wife has divorced him and remarried and the city has to pay him a HUGE settlement to account for the years he spent behind bars and they also have to promote him to detective.

He has one thing on his mind, finding out who killed his partner and best friend and figuring out who set him up for it. His partner, a sassy cop who has had a history of substance abuse is tied to him through her father- a career cop who is somehow involved in the setup. Adam Arkin is great as Ted Early (he lives above Charlie Crew's garage and manages his money). The best addition to this year's cast is Donal Logue as the smarmy captain.

What I like about this show is that Charlie Crews is a weird guy. He might seem all crazy (Turns out the other prisoners don't like cops in jail, so he had to learn a whole "zen" way of looking at the world that makes him come off as a kooky 3-dollar bill.) but his oddness and way of looking at the world helps him solve crimes.

Chuck: This show is a guilty pleasure. It makes me chuckle... that's the whole reason I watch it.

Fringe- Sadly, not on this week.

Project Runway, Season 5- Okay, this is the first time I've thought they chose correctly. I think that as much as Jerrell is over the top, he could/should have edited himself. It wouldn't have been that difficult. Plus, Kenley's wedding dress was to die for. That's what Bjork should have been wearing instead of the swan's head on top. I think right now LeAnn is looking the strongest. They may not like the simplicity of her palatte but they did with Chloe, right?

Lastly, my friend Cyndi sent me this article...Project Runway past stars... where are they now?

ANTM, Cycle 11: WOW... so Lauren Brie who was one of my top picks is gone... I still think that Elina and Marjorie will make it to the end. I guess I'm going to have to replace Lauren Brie with McKey.

90210: Yawn... WHY oh WHY do I keep watching. Maybe to see the Grandmother. She cracks me up... and Silver and Dixon are cute. BTW... I used to watch 21 Jump Street, I saw that student as a cop thing from a mile away.

Numb3rs: Cute show. I like the math angle, even though, mostly seems far-fetched. But it is a great cast and decent writing.

I do watch The Office and FF>> through Earl... but Kath and Kim should be good and I just don't have time to catch up with Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia or 30 Rock. Wahoowa Tina Fey! It is nice to see a fellow alum doing so well. Hard to believe we graduated from undergrad at the same time, both going to UVA as PA girls.

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