Monday, October 27, 2008

Hey Matthew Sweet- Who Was That Drummer? (Oct 23, 2008)

I rushed back on Thursday, after waiting in La Guardia (maybe too long but you can never underestimate how long it will be for me to find my way back if I'm lost-which for someone with no sense of direction is highly likely). The sirens started going off for a while when I was waiting for my plane, which let me tell you, is creepy. I had the luck(?) of landing in the middle of rush hour. Luckily my cabbie and I conferred and agreed the fastest way to get home would be around the highway so we went back through Park Ridge to Peterson Avenue and down the city streets instead of down the highway.

I ended up getting in just in time to dump my bags, splash water on my face, have a Diet Mountain Dew and jump on the Clark Street #22 bus from Addision and Clark (across from Wrigley Field) down to the Armitage and Clark stop. From there, I met my pal Liz at Stanley's for a bite to eat and a beer and then met Tom and his pal Robert at Park West to see Matthew Sweet-a longtime favorite of mine. He is playing off of his new album, Sunshine Lies, which has been playing on repeat in my car for the last couple of weeks.

He played a lot of the songs from the new album, including the Room to Rock In... which is totally catchy and I really like, but somehow the Byrdgirl song has REALLY gotten under my skin so I was happy to hear that. Of course he (though he sounded pained doing it) sang Girlfriend. He did a few of my older faves, including Superdeformed but I felt like the show could have and should have been a little longer (though to be fair there were 3 single-song encores.) He seemed occasionally to be having fun (something missing from his shows recently)- last show I saw him in where he seemed to be having fun on stage was alone on stage with a bunch of Acoustic Guitars at Metro and then again playing with The Thorns before the Jayhawks at the Vic.

We left the show and scooted over to Gamekeepers for a couple of pitchers to watch the end of the Phillies game for Liz. They didn't do well that night but have picked it up since then.

I left the show wondering... who the hell was that playing the drums? He totally looked like he was wearing a disguise with the beard/hair/hat combo, all while having the bod of a much younger guy.


Dan C. said...

I saw this during a search for Matthew Sweet and wanted to post to you that the drummer in question was Ric Menck.

Then I thought that maybe you were joking and that you just didn't recognize him with a giant beard (sarcasm is so hard to detect on the internet sometimes).

Either way; It was Ric Menck. :)

Reading In Trees said...

I did not know. Thanks so much Dan. It was driving me crazy