Tuesday, October 7, 2008


Wow, I'm out of the loop. I just heard that George RR Martin's The Song of Fire and Ice series was optioned by HBO. This Variety Article confirms. This series is everything that an Epic Fantasy series should be. I first read this series and fell in love with it after reading Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time when I first started rereading fantasy as an adult (after reading the first two Harry Potter books that came out and not-so-patiently wanting to wait for the rest of them).

I'm very excited, not just because I love these books but also because I know HBO does such a fine job on all their series and I am guessing that the Terry Goodkind series that will be released by ABC, Legend of the Seeker, is going to be, well not that great. I'll watch, I'm a geek enough that I'll watch. But, the Goodkind books infuriated me with their right wing rants. I'm hoping Hollywood makes this series better. You know what I think of a book if I think the movie version has a strong possibility of being better than the written word. Hopefully Sam Raimi will bring a light to this series that right now is missing.


Chris Hall said...

Heather, that will be AWESOME! Great find. Who will play the head of Ned Stark?

Reading In Trees said...

Hey Chris... I just saw it as a Development project on IMDB for 2009. I can't wait to see what they do with it!