Saturday, October 4, 2008

Beck: Phoning it in At the Aragon

So, Greg Kot describes Beck's performance as being businesslike on Thursday October 2nd. I saw him on Friday October 3rd at the Aragon and I thought he was kind of phoning it in. I enjoy his music and so I enjoyed the show. He's great. I'll see him when he comes to town. However, the theatrical Beck was missing in this show. In fact, it seemed like he wasn't getting into it at all. Maybe he gave all he could for Chicago on Thursday night.

I also think his other guitar player was annoying me a little bit. She seemed like a decent guitar player but I could tell her mic was turned down in a couple of places, because she was belting it out from where I was standing up front but the resultant sound didn't match when it came through the speakers. Then they had her shaking maracas and taking a couple of drum hits a little too seriously and it made me wonder why she was even there.

Love Beck... didn't love this show.

Greg Kot's review is here.


Derek said...

Yup, you're on the money with what you said. This was my sixth time seeing Beck and it was the most disappointing. It was professional and sounded fine but there was no joy or spontaneity. Did you see the cutting look and head shake Beck shot at the keyboard player during "Hell Yes" when he tried to do the call and response "Ooo Ooo"? Beck had his band on short reins and it made for a sterile experience.

Reading In Trees said...

Thanks Derek... I was really happy to see him, don't get me wrong, but underwhelmed.