Monday, October 27, 2008

TV Shows, (Oct 19th- Oct. 25th)

True Blood: Show is good. I totally wasn't expecting the early departure of the four vamps.

Entourage: Eric becoming his own man is such a nice touch. The nice guy can make good even while the other guys are also making good at the same time. Interesting twist with Ari possibly leaving

Terminator, The Sarah Connors Chronicles: Still haven't caught up.

Life: Still have to check to make sure TiVo catches this.

Chuck: Nicole Richie isn't a great actress but I liked that they delved into Sarah Walker's past. Note they never said her real name. Agent Charles Carmichael is priceless.

Fringe- Still have to watch this one. Will update when I do.

ANTM, Cycle 11: So, Jocelyn is gone, saw that coming from a mile away... Marjorie is a disaster in front of a camera and Elina holds back? Who cares? They both take gorgeous pictures... the competition isn't for the next SUPERmodel... just next top model. Tyra needs to take a chill.

90210: Boring... I still have to remember to cancel this from recording when I go in to double check TiVo for Life.

Eli Stone I forgot that Katie Holmes could really sing when she was Joey on Dawson's Creek. She can sing. I like this potential love interest... I hope they email/text each other. Also, I think the journal as a "guidebook" for Nate is kind of a lame shortcut trick.

Numb3rs: Yay, Charlie is back in the FBI but who pulled the strings to get the boys reinstated? Should be interesting to find out.

I watched The Office is strong... the new HR female Michael is a nice twist. Earl is interesting... just when they bring the Godfather of Crime into the picture, they make him a joke. Awesome. ... This week is 30 Rock into the rotation and Reaper and Legend of the Seeker Still coming. Still excited for Joss Whedon's Dollhouse.
, come on already!

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