Sunday, September 28, 2008

TV Shows (Sept 28-Oct 4, 2008)

True Blood: So Sookie and Bill made it to Fangtasia to see if she can listen in and figure out who killed Dawn so that Jason doesn't keep the blame for it. Jason was saved by Tara both from jail since he hadn't been mirandized and from his squash-sized erection- and her obsession with him was made a little more clear since he saved her as a kid from her abusive mother. Once again, Bill declares that Sookie is his and Sookie confirms in order to preserve herself from Eric, the local ancient who is in charge of the vampires in that neck of the woods. Lastly, we keep going with the Sam as a dog story line when he breaks into Dawn's house and literally "sniffs around."

Entourage: Johnny Drama breaks down on National TV, Eric's clients want more money, that they get and Vince is relegated to 2nd post. All in all a good one, but when did Debi Mazur's character stop being so in charge... she lets Drama get arrested while she's in the car, with nothing more than mild protestations? I thought she was supposed to be a total ball-buster.

Terminator, The Sarah Connors Chronicles: Still haven't caught up.

Fringe- Okay, with respect to Fringe... I am unconvinced that Joshua Jackson's character saw anything out of the ordinary that would convince him that he needed to stay? The Observer takes one look at him and reads his mind and all of a sudden he's convinced? Doesn't make sense. The reading the pictures from dead minds or her brain connecting with her partner in a coma wasn't enough? Odd. And, who is The Observer reporting to? That also doesn't make sense.

My friend, Frank, commented "Whats the deal with the weird camera/lense flares that happen from time to time. When you guys watch the episodes and get caught up, see if you can see the weird light flash/lense flare thing. In one of the episodes I thought it was just when a certain person was on screen - now I've seen it happen in different scenes."

I'm wondering if it is related somehow to the light pin pricks surrounding the Frog (with a Greek letter Psi)/leaf/6-fingered handprint/slice of apple/butterfly with human in the middle that they show when they are going to commercial?

Project Runway, Season 5- Kenley is as annoying as ever. We'll see how one-trick pony she is when she shows them her collection. I'm sure she and Tim will have words when he comes to her place to check on her progress. Also, I didn't mind Korto's dress as much as the judges did. I thought it was pretty (with the exception of the lace, that is).

Lastly, Project Runway is not allowed to move to Lifetime? That kind of sucks. You know that they tried to lowball the PR producers or they wouldn't have jumped ship so willingly.

ANTM, Cycle 11: Clark, who I think was the weakest link on the show, was eliminated and we move one step closer to the final. Marjorie may have that self-loathing thing going on, but she's obviously competitive. She wants them to say "No, but you're so pretty!"? I lost a little respect for her this week. Paulina is great though.

90210: Hmmmm. The least believeable thing here was that the Mom's boss had SUCH a big freak-out over the fight with his biggest client, but mild-manneredly accepted that the son knocked out the guy? I would have liked to have had another scene where she tells him what happened and he comes in and demands that she be fired but he stands up for her and calls him a sleaze. The mom can't be the only one uncorrupted by the Hollywood scene? Also, I'm a little confused by the timeline... did Arriana send a text to Ty before or after she accused the Principal's daughter of being a narc?

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