Monday, September 22, 2008

(Sept 21-27) TV Shows

True Blood: Sookie apparently "belongs" to Bill, or at least he told his buds that she belonged to him to keep them off of her. So, Sam Trammell isn't a shape shifter, but I still think there's a connection between that dog and him and how he watches Sookie... or he wouldn't be barking in his sleep. WHY would Sookie's best friend sleep with him. Seems kind of cold, knowing that they might end up together someday. But, having lived in a small town, it kind of changes the rules a little bit. What the hell is wrong with that Jason kid. My friend Cory likes boys that are big and dumb, Jason would be perfect for him.

Entourage: Johnny Drama puking on a cake. Seriously, that kid is ridiculous. Eric knows how to pick 'em. Will he be able to make it work? We shall see. The boys are always amusing.

Terminator, The Sarah Connors Chronicles: I still haven't seen this yet... will update when I can.

Fringe-this week some poor schmuck was left with metal in his bloodstream which turned him into a human walkie talkie a la Wolverine meeting that old Brady Bunch episode with radio reception through their braces. Two reasons that guy will be back: 1) the stuff just moved around some in his head/they didn't get rid of it and 2).the picture he drew hasn't come true yet. This is the nice religious/destiny side of the show coming into play I think- the picture has a very Jesus on the cross connotation, the "bad guys" are communicating in Latin (the language of the Catholic church for today's viewers) and 3) what is it Walter says? how the body works might make sense logically but that doesn't make it less of a miracle. Lastly, the check-in/guys following Joshua Jackson makes it a question as to who he works for? Good guys? Bad guys? Belly's company? Bringing up the company, where IS Belly? He isn't dead, right? That lady is holding him hostage somewhere or she is him w a sex change operation? THAT would be funny. TBD

Project Runway, Season 5- AND we are down to 4. Too bad about Suede. Despite his reference to himself in the third person, he does have an endearing personality. Personally I feel like that decision was a "TV" decision to keep the drama and was not a mark of who lost that challenge. It might seem like I have it in for Kenley, who I admit is more and more annoying, even mistakenly getting cheeky with Tim Gunn...breaking a cardinal rule of the show, and of good of taste, by the way. (Tim Gunn, however, remained the impeccable-mannered Gentleman, neither putting up with her crap nor seeming to be insulting to her in any way-ending the concersation as he would with anyone- "Thank You Kenley.") So, you might think I have it in for her, but just looking at her outfit on its own merits? I thought it was HIDEOUS! It was nice to see her put in her place a bit, embarrassed as Jerrell's version of "Kenley Spears"...but LL Cool J didn't seem to mind! I'm sticking with my original top three. Kenley doesn't have the chops to think outside of her little 50s box she has primped for herself.

ANTM, Cycle 11: This week, Elina who is in my top three got one of hte worst pictures. Huh. I guess it is a good one to be the worst on since Tyra just made it up and it wasn't really inspired by any real photo shoot. Apparently, Tyra decided to do it when she was half in the bag on margaritas in Mexico. It would have made much more sense if it was a summer Cover Girl make up line or something. Isis, the first transgender girl to appear on the show, was eliminated. She was okay, but compared to the other girls, she definitely wasn't bringing it. Until Tyra mentioned that tired eye thing she had going (which my roommate in college- Barb- had when she was drunk) I didn't notice it. But, when they were showing her final pictures, she had that going in every single one. Good luck to her, huh? I'm standing by the Lauren and Elina picks but Marjorie may be out if she can't get her walk going (as well as her self-confidence, if the previews for next week's show count at all). Of all the girls that are left, I would say that only McKey and Analeigh are still in it. I would have said Samantha too (my friend Karyn pointed out her very strong makeover) but that girl CANNOT walk. She's athletic enough, she should be working on that.

90210: Really, look up "after school special?" Come on. Apparently Silver's blog is big in Bolivia? Come on. Sex for the first time storyline? Come on. The only thing I'm really liking in this show right now is Dixon and Silver together- and that's all that is keeping me watching at this point too. They need to step up their game. Though I will say that Adrianna as the bad girl was a nice surprise. That kicks into gear? I'm going to be happy. I know that Ty is supposed to be the opposite of the big dumb Kansas boy, but Ty seems pretty dim to me.

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