Monday, September 15, 2008

(Sept 14- 20) TV Shows

True Blood- the second episode was okay. Finally, Bill the Vamp gets more vampy, having to control himself from biting Sookie and he kills some people in her honor to boot. Also, his family history and ties to the town are explained a little better--a nice touch. What I want to know is whether the Vamps camping out at his house and their posturing were really bad or were they giving a little nod to the Kristy Swanson version of Buffy the Vampire Slayer movie? The poses seemed EXACTLY like what Joss Whedon had his vamps doing when they showed up to the prom and asked Buffy to come out from the school gym.

Entourage- Okay, it is nice to see Vince has his cajones back and is trying to be a celeb again. Carla Gugino is really cool, so I'm glad to see her character is back, and I hope Eric makes a shitload of money with her. Let's see some more Debi Mazar now that Vince is back in action!

The Closer- My GD Tivo cut off before the show was over. My friend Karyn says that she went online to make sure we didn't miss anything, but I'm still retaping and extending it by 5 minutes to make sure there wasn't anything else since it happened to her too. Turns out the expansion of the Deputy Chief Brenda Lee Johnson's squad was a good thing. I really don't like giving things away but they find a bomb plot and the smarts win over the terrorists except for when Sanchez might be dying in the helicopter. I liked the one female cop in the squad-Detective Daniels (outside of Kyra Sedgewick's character) being out in front shooting at some guy on a roof who has the higher ground over her. As always, Provenza has the best lines on the show (even when he's pretending to sleep and just opening an eye to check things out...that beats out some of the other character's lines.)

Terminator, The Sarah Connors Chronicles: Good show. I like to see when John is a real boy. We have the crazy corporate raider terminator sighting and best of all there is a crazy message written in blood in the basement. What the hell? It will keep me engaged for a while anyway!

Fringe- Really really like this show. What the hell is up with the end-of-scene moving bright light on the PATTERNed apple slice/leaf with triangle/6-fingered handprint- btw/ one should always remember the brilliant Cubs sports announcer question of all time- asking Alfonseca if he was born that way [with six fingers]? (Is that a peep hole that keeps moving around? Is that Alfonseca's handprint?) The crazy dad is right up there with some of my favorite crazies like Murdock on the A-Team and Andy Kaufmann on Taxi. Also, what the hell is up with the numbers? This IS JJ Abrams... the numbers always mean something, don't they?

PR Season 5- Down to the last 5 when poor Joe went home, but that suit just wasn't good. I'm sticking with my Korto, Jerell and Leanne top three. BTW... what is up with J LO bailing on the finals judging. That is SOOOOO lame of her. Don't agree to do something and then bail. It just isn't cool. Victoria Beckham made it last year, was a trooper, and you are no better than her Jenny.

AMNTM-Cycle 11- Not enough drama this season, really. I think Elina, Lauren (woo hoo! Charlottesville!), and goofy Marjorie are the top three this year.

90210 Last and least, is 90210. The only thing that came out of this episode is the revelation that Kelly's baby's father is Dylan. YAWN!!! Gran is still the best part of a show that is supposed to be full of fresh, young, cool faces and stories. Maybe she SHOULD direct the show, guys? I don't know how much longer I can keep this in DVR rotation.

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