Monday, September 8, 2008

Samurai Girl: "Infant Girl Survives Tragedy... be adopted by a powerful man." Turns out our 19-year old heroine named Heaven is that girl of prophecy...they do a good job of myth building with this story.

On a side note, ABC Family is doing a couple shows I like right now. I really like The Middleman (the Nakatomi Protocol episode was my favorite- I got a kick out of seeing the Bruce Willis references.) I also watch The Secret Life of the American Teenager...mostly because I was dying to see Molly Ringwald, but all stereotype-embracing aside, it really is a sweet little show.

Back to Samurai Girl, these are 3 two-hour graphic-novel style vignettes, I assume in preparation for a running tv show. I liked them. Yes, though there are no vampires, they sort of steal from Buffy, Blade (location of their hq) and maybe a little Kung Fu mixed in together (after all they embrace the comparison when her friend calls her Grasshopper).  But those are all good things and the show does them well.

Heaven's brother's best friend is conveniently both a matial arts sensei as well as the brooding hot guy love interest. Heaven has two good friends she stumbled on who have her back too. There is ADD Cheryl who likes a little bit of everything and is Heaven's gal pal. Then there's Otto, the dufus comic book/sci fi movie loving/video game playing computer whiz who has a huge crush on Heaven. Otto reminds me of Spinelli on GH. I'm wondering if some of the writers are cross-overs from that ABC soap. Hmmmm. I guess not, but he did work on an episode of October Road and the Otto/slipper-wearing side of him does remind me somewhat of Physical Phil on October Road. His internet/tech prowess is certainly convenient, regardless.

Best about this show is that an empowered young woman is taking control of her life. What makes it even better are some of the Kill Bill-esque sword fights (another nod to David  Carradine!)

If it is a series ever, and any of what I'm talking about here interests you, I have no reservations about telling you to watch. The teaser episodes portend a solid show.

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