Saturday, September 6, 2008

Uncle Kenny Passes Away...

So, on the 4th of September, my Uncle Kenny passed away... technically, I think he is my great Uncle as he is my father's Uncle. He is married to my Great Aunt Lou who was the younger sister to my Grandmother... Leah. I know he wasn't in the best of health in recent years, but he was such a good person that everyone who knew him loved him. I know he will be sorely missed. My Dad's cousins and all their kids and grandkids will all miss him as will everyone in his extended family and all the people who loved him down at the condo.

A cool thing about Uncle Kenny that not many people know about? He was a town doctor in Indiana, Pennsylvania and so took care of Jimmy Stewart's father when he wasn't doing well. Jimmy Stewart personally called and came to see him on several occasions to check on him.

Big hugs to the family and an especially big hug to Aunt Lou...I'm so sorry for your loss.

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