Sunday, September 14, 2008

(Sept. 7-13) TV Shows: Good Season Ahead!

The Closer: I always miss this show when it goes off the air. The show is typically clever and to boot, Kyra Sedgewick does a great job as LA's Deputy Police Chief Brenda Lee Johnson. This week, the show ends with Brenda and her fiance, FBI Agent Fritz Howard leaving a church that is dubbed "pretty"--leaving me to believe that they will be doing an extra teaser episode before the season starts next year, complete with a wedding in said church... or at least that we'll have one with the first episode of next seasons start. Oh, and it isn't all Kyra Sedgewick, the cast is excellent.

True Blood: The American Vampire League has unveiled that vampires exist but because of a synthetic blood called Tru Blood, they aren't really a danger. Meanwhile, Anna Paquin (who I've liked since her roles in Fly Away Home and Almost Famous) is Sookie Stackhouse, a mind-reading waitress in a dive in Louisiana. Her best friend has anger management issues and her boss is madly in love with her--silently of course (and he may shape shift into a dog? Twillight anyone?). Because she can hear people's thoughts, she discovers that the white trash Rattrays intend to harm a visiting vampire in town ("Bill"), and she saves him-- thus, beginning their relationship. Meanwhile she lives with her Gran and her brother, Jason (local hound dog) has just killed local girl, Marjorie Pickens and is arrested for it. The end of the show sees Sookie getting the crap kicked out of her when the Rattrays come back seeking revenge from when Sookie saves Bill. If done right, the show could be good. I liked the first episode, but I'm still reserving judgment until I see a few of them.

Project Runway: The Astrological Sign challenge was a doozy. Though I think it was only a matter of time before Blaine was gone. My picks for top three this year are: Korto, Leanne and Jerrell with Suede or Joe making up the 4th position at the Runway (so as not to let on who the final three actually are... they usually have a 4th person show-think Austin Scarlett or Chris from last year). I would also include Kenley in my prediction because I like her stuff but I think after she's done all the challenges so far, she is much more of a one-trick pony. She likes her look and sticks with that but I don't think that will win her any spots considering who she is up against. My big thing with PR since they've made the deal to go to the Lifetime Channel, is that it has been WAY too easy to predict who will be off the show after the first 20 minutes. One of the things I liked before was that it wasn't always clear who would win. Now, I think the slant is too much. When Stella started talking last week about how she was feeling confident, the show was all but over for me. Please go back to the old format! We can tell whose clothes suck, you don't have to go and make it so obvious at the beginning of each episode.

Terminator, The Sarah Connor Chronicles: This show is managing to halfway decent, even though we all know the ending pretty much. John Connor is growing up and his mom is protecting him and teaching him to fight against the robots of the world that turn into Terminators. Right now, we just have the one Terminator looking to kill John Connor and Summer Glau (of Firefly/Serenity awesomeness) is acting as the protector Terminator who malfunctions at the beginning of the episode as she starts to "wake up" to a more human consciousness-talking about love and faith. My problem is with the character of Catherine Weaver. She's a Terminator running a major corporation seeking to build the robots that Sarah and John are trying to dismantle. She's played by Scottish actress/singer Shirley Manson, who is awesome (notwithstanding that Garbage kicks arse!) But I am leery of the storyline. Lame/evil conglomerate run by a robot while Summer Glau's character Cameron, gets a consience a la Robin Williams' Bicentennial Man or Haley Joel Osment in AI? Might be too much unless done flawlessly. We shall see. I am reserving judgment on this season.

90210: Same cheesiness. Though the show didn't change too much. More of the same? I was hoping they'd mix it up a little and at least give us a little more to go with. Silver's mom is drinking again and is violent and Kelly is going to have to go and tell her off to protect her little sister. Only other thing interesting is that I hear that Shannen Doherty isn't sticking around much longer. She's done her shout-out to her fans and could be done for a while. I'll bet she shows up later. The money should be good. We'll wait to see if we see David Silver (he's busy on Sarah Connor Chronicles for now anyway.) The bowling episode made me yawn. We'll see if it is any good for a couple more episodes before I delete it from my Tivo line-up.

Update: EW did an article What Would Make You Keep Watching? Pretty much what I'm saying. Boring. I think they should have made the bad girls bad for MUCH longer, Naomi's bad could have been so good had they stretched it out. Instead she went from bad to good girl in a blink. How do they fix it now? I have no idea if it can even be done.

Fringe: Okay, so my Tivo bailed on recording Fringe the first time around so I got to see the special reduced commercial episode on Sunday night. I liked it. I like JJ Abrams (as evidenced by the LOST obsession) but I think that it will be a good vehicle to change things up every week and explore different topics instead of getting stuck in a rut like sometimes LOST gets stuck in. I mean, an ode to a child's first technological mystery (the tin can with a string in the middle as a "phone") means to me that Abrams intends to embrace his inner "boys with toys" mentality. I like the actress playing the lead and who wouldn't like Joshua Jackson. The only place I see the show getting stuck is this big bad pattern business. Hopefully they have learned their lesson with LOST as to how these shows get stuck in not revealing the big questions. Good stuff!

Entourage: Bratty Vincent Chase comes back to LA from living the paradise life down in Mexico. My favorite part of the show right now is how Eric is fighting to make it into his own.


Anonymous said...

Re Fringe: Frank wrote:

Not sure if i wrote this before (i think I did, so in this case i'll try to reword it :P ) -- but JJ mentioned he was going to try and have this 'jump the shark' more often - which I take as him talking directly to the people who got lost in LOST. I hope he sticks to that. Lets revisit this Wednesday morning to see how episode 2 turns out.

I think Sunday night's had 4 mins from the beginning of episode 2 - so by waiting you got to see more than the rest of us - in theory

Anonymous said...

re Fringe, H wrote:

Yes, PLEASE! Jump the shark JJ! As much as possible. :-)

Anonymous said...

re Fringe, Julia wrote:

I just watched the show too and I think I liked it. I'm not as much of a hard core sci-fi fan as some people, so it took me a little while to get into it...but once I did I enjoyed it. Reminded me a lot of X-Files, which is not a bad thing.