Monday, March 2, 2009

Oo La La! Nina Garcia is at Marie Claire

Running in Heels started, and OH... MY...GOSH...  Nina Garcia is in the House! You might know Nina from her previous stint as Fashion Editor and Editor-at-Large at Elle magazine. But more likely you know her from PR... speaking of... Project Runway is jumping ship all over the place... Bravo to WE, Nina Garcia? Elle to Fashion Director at Marie Claire. On cue, Ms. Heidi Klum appears at Nina Garcia's welcome party. I did watch the The Fashionista Diaries when it was on SoapNet and I must say that this is a much better show. [I wonder if it would have been taken to another level on TheFD if the doors of Jane hadn't been shuttered?] 

Now, we get to see Joanna Coles, Editor-In-Chief at Marie Claire in action during NYC Fashion Week, showing off Nina Garcia, her newest star. Honorable mention in that we get to see all the other people that make the magazine run with such style. The interns are doing what interns do, but trying to be somewhat reality show about it too.

  • INTERN 1: (my favorite right now) SAMANTHA - from Oshkosh, Wisconsin is the sunny Midwestern girl who is learning fast to be nobody's fool.  She started the show off right, assisting Joanna Coles and Nina Garcia in her first task and then helping the PR Girls on the Red Carpet for her second task. She might cry a little much but she's young. She'll get over that.
  • INTERN 2: (my least favorite) ASHLEY- the girl who looks like Dirty Dancing, Jennifer Grey. She started out by saying she wanted it and would take down the others to get it. She's already screwed up by being late and lazy packing photo shoot items and then spent the whole show complaining how Samantha got the choice jobs, and wasn't worth it and how she was just not up to it. The only one who hadn't screwed up yet, was Samantha. The pointing finger game is really lame Ashley. Plus, not inviting Samantha to the show? Karma is a bitch. Watch out.
  • INTERN 3: (California girl) TALITA - she's pretty, clearly has good taste but is walking a fine line between bitch and nice girl by playing to both Samantha and Ashley. She also reminds me of that girl that played Cinder from Little Darlings, Krista Errickson. And here we go with a big, HOWEVER... poor Talita, trying to work at Marie Claire and turns in her first writing assignment with spelling errors? Capital offense! (Yes, I crack myself up, and it does a double duty by being a Pride & Prejudice quote in the same breath-which I will use whenever possible, ie not sporadically- yes Clueless, sorry, I can't stop sometimes.) We'll see if she can turn me around but for right now... dumb won't cut it for a magazine gig.

I admit it, I did watch the SoapNet show, The Fashionista Diaries back in '07. Those kids were hysterical, the smallest thing such a huge drama. They did have their big shot by interning at Jane, Seventh House PR and Flirt! Cosmetics and then at CosmoGirl, once Jane closed its doors. But, I will say this... even though it is a very similar show in some ways, in others, the show is much more about the jobs that the interns are doing right now, than the love life of Bridget and Andrew. Serious rolemodels are guiding their way. I'm looking forward to a good RiH season.

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