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L-O-S-T, Season 5, Episode 11 ("Whatever Happened, Happened")

There are Doc Jensen's Teaser Article (here), his Review (here) and Totally Lost (here).


I started out this week's discussion:

So, what did you y'all think?

I thought it didn't advance us too much, but I liked the episode. I loved the Hurley/Milo Banter. Loved Jack acting like a spoiled brat... in effect taking his ball and leaving the game because he doesn't get to be captain. Loved Sawyer when he was hearing about Clementine.

Kate, who typically annoys the bejesus out of me was good last night. I liked seeing the maternal side... she stopped being selfish and let Aaron go. She took care of Ben even though he was psycho. I like that it is Sawyer's ex who talks sense into her.

Best of all... Richard Alpert taking Ben into the Temple. I can't wait to find out what's in there... Queen of the Damned? (sorry for those of you who haven't read Anne Rice)...

Best comment? From Roger "That guy doesn't ever ask a question he doesn't already know the answer to." (Sawyer goes from dimwit/hot con man to being THE Man)


Anonymous said...


really enjoyed last night’s episode. Although, to be fair, it is very rare when I don’t really enjoy an episode of LOST.

My favorite part of last night was Hurley and Miles hashing through all of the time travel arguments we have all been discussing over the past weeks…just showed once again how smart and self-aware the writers are. They knew we’d all be talking about those very questions, and acknowledging it by having the characters have those same discussions was so clever…and at the same time, hilarious. When Hurley pointed out the idea that Ben should have recognized Sayid and stumped Miles, I laughed out loud. And the Back to the Future references were a riot.

I think that whatever Richard Alpert did to Ben in the temple will erase his memory of Sayid, Kate, Sawyer, etc. so the grown up Ben will not remember them when he meets them in 2004…which kind of takes care of some of those time travel questions.

My big question is: who exactly is Richard Alpert and why isn’t he the “Leader” of the Others? Is he a guide of some kind, or some sort of spiritual advisor to whoever is the Leader? He is always there, but the actual leaders change over time. I really hope the show explains more about his backstory and role on the island.

H, I completely agree about Kate…while watching the show last night I actually was thinking, “I don’t hate Kate as much as usual in this one.” I really felt for her as she realized that it was her needing Aaron more than him needing her which was keeping her going. And I have some hope that she won’t interfere too much with Sawyer and Juliet.

Speaking of Sawyer, he really is just fantastic. Even wearing that ugly jumpsuit. J Seriously, the evolution of his character has been very cool to watch. And the fact that he is now the voice of reason and the protector, rather than Jack, is such a good twist. Jack is just annoying…although I did enjoy it when Juliet pointed out to him that none of them needed saving…that he was no longer (if he ever was) the savior of the Losties. Maybe he can go try and save Rose and Bernard, wherever they happen to be?

LOVED when older Ben woke up and Locke was sitting there, alive. It almost looked like actual, genuine fear in Ben’s eyes. But we shall see.

LOST just keeps getting better and better…I am already sad that we are getting close to the home stretch. But it is going to be an amazing ride!

Anonymous said...


hey guys...

i loved last night's episode. it was quite a feet in storytelling. the writer's not only managed to cover quite a range of stories in just 42 minutes of television, but really delved into deep emotions for Kate, Sawyer, Juliet, and Jack (really mining into all their characters in unique ways without using too much dialogue) and using every character well to propel the stories forward... from Hurley and Miles to Juliet going after Jack to Kate and Sawyer taking Ben to the others, a lot of ground was covered in getting us toward the end of the season. we got answers all over the place in Kate's flashbacks and some pretty touching moments, too. i normally think a Kate episode isnt that interesting - her acting is always really good, but they just aren't that interesting most of the time. this one was different, and felt a lot like a season one episode in how much it got inside the character.

i dug the exchanges between Hurley and Miles, but wanted more. it was good to see Miles finally get to eat up some scenes. let that guy get some more screen time!

i thought it was interesting that Kate gave up so much of the truth to not only Cassidy, but Claire's mom as well. the O'6 lie means very little to Kate it seems and she obviously had some huge emotional hurdles to make with Aaron and herself and the rest of the Losties.

i loved the conflict of the Losties dilema to save Ben or let him die because they know who he will become.... the right thing to do in save him because he's just a child vs the terrible man he will be was good. i liked that the characters who normally would have a problem with saving Ben, were actaully trying the hardest to save him: Juliet, Kate, Sawyer. and the one who would normally try very hard to save him: Jack. plus seeing a softening of Ben's father with his son in peril was cool.

i also really liked the interplay of the quadangle of Sawyer, Kate, Juliet and Jack, where they all have feelings there for each other, but Juliet and Sawyer are making their commitment to each clear to Kate.

two things that were particularly fascinating to me:
1) in the last few eps of season 3 when Claire vanished and left Aaron in the jungle, we later found Claire in the cabin with Christian Shepard. Locke asked Claire where Aaron was and Christian answered him and said, "he's exactly where he's supposed to be.." and we knew at the time that he was with Kate, and would be with her off the island in the future as part of the O'6. made me think that that whole business with the O'6 was to get Aaron off the island and Sun off the island so their children would survive, and that Aaron would be with Claire's mother, raised by the closest thing to Claire there is... it was also cool to hear Kate reveal her reason to go to the island being to find Claire and not some lovesick dribble about Sawyer that would have been hard to believe... but now Kate could never find Claire in 1977... maybe The Incident will reunite all the Losties in a new period of time when it occurs? hmmm.

2) Miles challenges Hurley to shoot him to prove some of his arguments about time travel, learned no doubt from Faraday (who is WHERE, by the way?!!??!). this got me not only thinking but very intrigued by Miles reason's for even saying this. he can communicate with the dead somehow, so does he have a death wish of some kind? he said it to Hurley like a challenge/request, and immediately followed it up by saying they can die in the past because it's their present. all this has me very curious about Miles and if he was just saying that as part of the argument, but that he too has some purpose he's trying to fulfill and he knows it.

finally, the things Richard said about Ellie and Charles not being the ones he answers too, plus the details he gave about saving Benry and him not remembering them and losing his innocence were peculiar. makes all of Doc Jensen's ponderings about Ben knowing everything already and knowing who the Losties are this whole time irrelevant. But on top of that, Richard not only gives Kate and Sawyer the OPTION to not save Ben, which they chose to still go ahead opt to save him, but he also gives a sort of look to the heavens just before entering to temple as if to say, "i hope this is the right thing." very, very interesting.

Anonymous said...


So Chuck and Ellie are on the island in 77, is Penny there as well? I have a theory that Farraday is with Chuck and Ellie, and telling them what happened, this would explain the 2nd protocols that Keamy used in season four to know what Ben was going to do next. So if Ben is saved by Richard (RA) and will believe he has always been an other, wouldn't the DI keep him on a pretty tight leash? ben is in a heap a trouble, Locke had the old season one Locke look in his eyes and that is not good for Ben.

Anonymous said...


I almost forgot... I thought one of the most interesting things of the whole episode was Jack, almost innocently saying: "Maybe the Island is trying to fix things itself." .... To me, the time travel and mixing things up... maybe it IS the Island trying to right the wrongs that occurred to the Losties (and the Dharma? folks) later on. Maybe THEY can't change the past but maybe the ISLAND can.

Anonymous said...


Maybe Ben is suppose to die, kind of like Desmond with Charlie. Horace was there to help him when he was born, they took him to Richard when he was shot and Jack removed the tumor (it's not a tumor). Maybe it is only a matter of time that he dies and he is trying to manipulate time and the island.

----- Jennifer ----- said...
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Ralph DeLuca said...

I hate to admit that I never saw this show. Is it really THAT good??

Ralph DeLuca
Madison, NJ

Reading In Trees said...

YES! It IS that good.