Thursday, April 9, 2009

L-O-S-T, Season 5, Episode 12 ("Dead is Dead")

EW stuff is up: Teaser (here); Review (here); Totally Lost (here).

NIEL started us off this week:

John Locke: So how did it go down there?
Ben: It let me live, I have a small favor to ask of you exalted one. Could we stop by my old house, I need a change of pants.

WOW, that was the best episode of the season last night, but it went by so fast. So what happened to the whole "If I take him he will not remember anything" or is it he just will not remember being shot by the crazy Iraqi terrorist in the jungle? And we see Ben shows his soft side, he won't kill Danille, the baby or Penny. But Caesar, yeah he had it coming acting all big and bad and he is the leader, blah blah. The smoke monster and the Anubis the four toed statue, Widmore was banished for sneaking off and having a child off island. And finally Locke is old Locke again and not a sniveling pansy.

Oh yeah, "what lies in the shadow of the statue" ?

Great episode.

KELLY responded with some good tidbits she found on Lostpedia:

....interesting translations of the hieroglyphics
Ben's secret door

Roughly translated, then, they appear to read "to summon protection...".


The boarding pass featured on has hieroglyphs in semi-transparency in the corners and along the top and bottom which producer Damon Lindelof translated to mean "underworld".


Anonymous said...



I don't think I was as crazy as you were about last night's episode.

Sure, it had a lot of things happening, but I thought it felt rushed. The Penny / Desmond thing took, what, about 60 seconds to play out? I expected at least a full episode to deal with that.

And I wasn't too impressed with the confrontation between Ben and the monster. The way they did the 'clip show' was kind of silly. And I thought the girl who played Alex overacted a bit too much.

Looking back, there was a lot of little things that were answered/addressed. I just didn't really like the execution of it all

I also felt the Widmore stuff was glossed over. I would have preferred to have SEEN Ben finding out Widmore was leaving the island. How does one sneak on and off the island via a sub that only comes and goes every few months?

The best stuff of the night was Ben and Locke's interactions - especially when it came to Ben's manipulation of those around him, and Locke's laissez-faire attitiude. I think Locke knows everything and nothing about whats going on at the same time, with a touch of 'at this point I really don't care'.

The Ajia air folks seem to be up to something. The 'they found weapons' and a shot of that big box led me to believe the weapons were in there - are we to believe there's something else more sinister in the box? Someone call Jack Bauer, we may have a biological weapon on our hands.

Anonymous said...


i agree with Buzz on a lot of his points. i liked it but didn't love it. i was hoping for a lot more, but what i got was good overall. i loved that Ben failed in harming Penny and that Desmond survived and kicked Benry's snively little ass! but i didn't like Ben's "judgement" sequence because the memory lane parts looked really cut and paste cheesy... and why focus on just that with all the other crap Ben has done, too? i thought Alex did fine, but the memory sequence in the smoke just didn't do it for me. Eko's was a lot better.... but like with Eko, here smokey manifested as Alex, where he had done the same thing with Eko's brother Yemi and told him to confess when. Eko wouldn't though, and smokey killed, Benry was contrite and smokey showed mercy, but with conditions. interesting parallels... i also would have liked to have seen a lot more of Whidmore's leadership and Benry having a problem with it and more confrontations between them in his flashbacks...