Saturday, November 26, 2011

Review: There is an Outsider and Monster and Princess in All of Us

I read the YA Paranormal Romance, Switched today. Is it the best book ever? No. Does it have some flaws? Yes. Is it a fun read with memorable characters? Yes. Would I recommend it? Depends on who we're talking about. If I'm recommending to a snobby reader, then no. If I'm recommending a fun YA paranormal romance to one of the girls... then, definitely.

Look, there are some character development issues, but generally Wendy Everly is a heroine who is easy to empathize with as we all have an outsider and monster (and princess) inside us. Does what she does and say always make sense (or the other characters for that matter)? Maybe not, but the pacing of the book and the addition of Finn into her life are a lot of fun to read about and I think Amanda Hocking has done a nice job with making it a good story. I started it before heading to a party at a friend's house yesterday and picked it up this afternoon to finish it. I wanted to know what was going to happen. I wanted the story to end well for Wendy. 

If you want a quick fun read with likable characters, a fun romance and an introduction to a new world right under our human noses, plop down for an enjoyable read! 

In addition, I kind of like the story of Amanda Hocking, who, rejected by the large publishing houses self-published for the e-reader markets and made it a success. It is hard to not cheer for the underdog.

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