Monday, December 15, 2008

About A Boy Director To Helm New Moon

This is awesome news. Christopher Weitz has been tagged to direct New Moon. Now, let me say the good and bad about this. The Good- is About a Boy and his producing Nick and Nora's Infinite Playlist...About a Boy is one of my favorite movies. Awesome, and could Nick and Nora's be cuter? Bad- is the Golden Compass- a favorite book but the movie, eh, not so good. Now let me tell you why I think it still, over all, is a good thing.

Golden Compass had some good special effects and that will help carry the day here. The problem with Golden Compass (the movie) was that the editing wasn't great. The wrong things were focused on. The story was maybe too dense. Here, that isn't a problem. Stephenie Meyer's books, I think I have said before, are enjoyable to read but the stories are not complex. Girl wants Boy, Girl Loses Boy, Boy is Honorable, Girl and Boy Stay in Love. It gives you what you want. Hardwicke did a good job establishing the Angst... but with Edward for much of the storyline, unless Weitz does a floaty head (a la Miss Elizabeth Bennett seeing the floating head of Mr Darcy Firth in the BBC's Pride and Prejudice and later mimicked by another floating head in Bride and Prejudice) and Bella gazes into her mirror or any available window to look dreamily into his eyes for minutes on end, we won't have some of the same problems we had in the first one.

Here's crossing my fingers. I think that Weitz did some good mojo with the whole angst of our boy Marcus in About A Boy...and we definitely see it in Nick from Nick and Nora so I'm hoping he brings some of that to Jacob. Jacob needs it if anyone is going to be okay with him in the 4th movie. He has to be likeable, just HAS to be. :-)

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