Thursday, March 20, 2008

L-O-S-T Season 4, Episode 8

In case anyone missed it from last week, Cyndi included the Washington Post dead pool link.

JJ went first this week with the preview:

hey everyone,

tonight's L O S T should be very exciting... i have noticed the last few weeks that the discussion has tapered off some since the totally awesome Desmond episode. hard to follow that one up really if you think about it. anyway, my office is closed tomorrow for Good Friday, so i wanted to send the email today with everyone's address... that way if tonight's L O S T is super incredible and everyone is dying to talk about it, then we'll already have started it with this one. hope everyone has a great Easter weekend.

Julie followed up:

Tonight’s episode should be pretty impressive…which is good because it is the last new ep until April 24. If you don’t mind a couple of teasers (not spoilers) about tonight’s ep, check out Doc Jensen’s column on Or be sure to check it out tomorrow.


Let's start the comments by first looking at Doc Jensen's recap article for this week on Michael returning.


Anonymous said...


I don’t have too much to say except that the whole Michael episode… it didn’t do too much for me. My impressions:

* Alex, who everyone has been feeling bad for because she is stuck with the over-controlling Ben for a father suddenly is “his daughter” again when her boyfriend and mom are shot.

Makes me like her much less…

* hopefully the island will heal Carl and Rousseau and they aren’t really dead.

* Where’s the Smoke Monster this season?

* Interesting that both Jack and Michael are trying to kill themselves off-island…island isn’t done with either of them

A couple things I picked up from the internet if anyone is interested:

I read that people thing the $3.2 was a code from Miles to Ben 3.2… who knows what it means/if it is true?

Theory on the O6:

The Headings- Ben giving Mike/Walt heading 325..vs Faradays cheat sheet being 305. Directly connected to time?

John Titor and more on Time Travel Theory: fun link

Good question from AICN message board (they had 2 choppers?):

Naomi parachuted onto the island jumping out of a chopper. Which we saw splash into the ocean. Then the Freighties land on the island later in a chopper flown by their pilot dude. That's two choppers. Yet when Michael's on the freighter they only ever show the pilot's chopper, never Naomi's. How the hell did Naomi get to the island, and what splashed, if not a chopper?

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