Saturday, January 19, 2008

Review: Uhtred in London

Okay, so this is my first Harper Collins First Look book review.

This installment of the Saxon Tales continues the history of Uhtred, as he recounts his own tale as Lord of Bebbanburg, oath-sworn to King Alfred of Wessex. Bernard Cornwell may be taking some license with murky times but he brings them to life by showing them through his hero's eyes. Uhtred's journey and his position of influence allows us to see the politics, religion and unforgiving human condition of his world.

I really enjoyed this book. Mr. Cornwell has a way of showing Uhtred as ambitious, a barbaric fighter, unforgiving master and close-minded brute, all while getting the reader to embrace him as a loving husband, father and friend, clever and industrious, a budding statesman and a man who is loyal and fair in his own way. Those around him come to life as likeable or despicable characters depending on Uhtred's judgment of their loyalties and integrity. This was my first book of Cornwell's that I've read though I enjoyed the Sharpe BBC television series immensely. I liked it enough that I know I will go back and read the rest of them and maybe even look into some his other series.

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